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When the fuel passes through the strong magnetic field its carbohydrate chains are being resolved into simpler components which are subsequently activated.

* Recommended by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association

  • Increase in the engine capacity up to 5 Hp

  • Reduction in consumption of fuel up to 20%

  • Reduction of CO and CH emissions up to 40% - 50%

  • The device has been certified

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How does Magnufuel work?

Any kind of fuel, independently of where it is stored, constantly changes its substance because of the influence of temperature and humidity. Such influence extends and compresses fuel. The hydrocarbon molecules (a basis of any fuel) start to gravitate next to each other in а way that forms molecular groups - “clots of molecules”. The "clots" can not burn completely because part of them is out of reach of the oxygen zone. When the fuel passes through the zone where Magnufuel is installed, the magnetic-resonance frequency generated by the device dissipates the formed "clots" to individual molecules charging them positively. In this way the oxygen molecules penetrate into every molecule of the fuel, which helps complete burning of fuel-air mixture.

The result is lower fuel consumption and reduction of harmful emissions. The main part of the device Magnufuel is the neodymium magnet (NdFeB) consisting of two parts. Up to date, this effect can have only group of neodymium magnets made by special technology (USA Patent № 4.802.931, 4.496.395, 7.458.412, issued by the corporation of "General Motors“).

Magnets from other manufacturers (not to mention they are a cheap imitation) can not give such effect.


The installation doesn’t require any special skills. The most important part is not to make a mistake in selecting the hose. The device must be attached on the fuel hose.
• Open the hood of your car, find the fuel hose and choose a place where you want to install the device;
• Attach Magnufuel on the chosen place on the fuel hose. The hose should be between the two parts of the device.
• For more stability use the plastic collar which is included in the package. Note that the plastic collar passes through a small hole in the central channel of the device. Tighten it and if it is necessary cut off the extra piece of plastic collar;

Main advantages

  • Easy to install. Installing the device takes just five minutes.
  • It does not generate any waste gas. This means that
    considerably extends the life of the piston rings.
  • It also significantly extends the life of
    the catalytic converter.
  • Confirmed efficiency.
  • Soon after installing Magnufuel there is much more
    complete combustion.
  • No more «Check Engine» signaling, which responds mainly
    to low fuel and incomplete combustion.
  • The amount spent on the purchase of Magnufuel returns for 1-2 months!


Andrew Jackson 32 years driver Fuel consumption before and after the installation of Magnufuel
10L/ was 7L is

Four days ago I installed Magnufuel on Hyundai Accent (2012). After the city I had a consumption of 10 liters, now 7-8. On the highway it’s 5.8 l per 100 km now. Yesterday I made the route London - Liverpool for 20 liters. Thanks to this small miracle.

Michael Lessig 46 years driver Fuel consumption before and after the installation of Magnufuel
9L/ was 7.5L is

Dacia. The result came after the second refueling. The engine began to work more quiet, free from vibration and with increased performance. When I’m going for a small ride I’m saving from 1 to 1.5 liters. I am satisfied.

Patrick Smith 29 years driver Fuel consumption before and after the installation of Magnufuel
17L/ was 12L is

Lexus RX 350. I immediately ordered two pieces of Magnufuel and it can be seen and especially heard the engine works better. A couple of times happened to me that I filled up from a random filling station and I had trouble (“Check the engine” light started flashing). And now it's okay. Not only low-grade fuels does not cause problems but also my tank lasts much longer after refilling.

Magnufuel can be used on different types of transport

Magnufuel fuel saver is very popular in the US and Western Europe and now you can buy it in UK!

  • automobil
  • automobil
  • automobil
    Buses and vans
  • automobil
    Motorboats and other water vehicles
  • automobil
  • automobil
    Agricultural machinery

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* Recommended by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association